Permanent Supportive Housing

June 22, 2023

Venice Community Housing manages 250+ units of housing, many of which are Permanent Supportive Housing, or “PSH” units. Permanent Supportive Housing is a combination of affordable housing and supportive services that allows formerly unhoused residents to process and recover from trauma, stabilize their health, and focus on growth and future goals. All PSH residents have access to intensive case management services and a network of care that includes mental and physical health providers, financial educators, substance use experts, and more. These resources are enhanced by on-site supports, such as cooking classes, counseling, and resident-driven programming that help every tenant build community, combat isolation, and heal.

Permanent supportive housing is an evidence-based solution that permanently ends homelessness for residents. In 2022, VCH maintained a 99% housing retention rate, meaning that once people move in, they are able to stay housed long term. This model is just as effective everywhere else; a study from The University of San Francisco illustrated that 86% of the participants who accessed permanent housing with voluntary supportive services were able to remain housed for several years. This intervention can be life-saving for residents and lowers the public costs associated with crisis services such as shelters, hospitals, jails, and prisons (National Alliance to End Homelessness).

Supportive housing provides a home and so much more. It serves as the foundation from which people can build a stable life and makes our neighborhoods stronger and more vibrant. VCH and its Resident Services team have developed a holistic and successful approach to providing services that ensure housing stability, improve physical and mental health outcomes, and enhance tenants’ agency in their lives and communities. Every new unit of permanent supportive housing that we create is an act of justice and compassion for our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.